Collision Research Ltd. was founded in 1981 by Richard Hermance. Mr. Hermance has been doing accident reconstruction for over 40 years and has testified widely throughout the U.S., Canada, and up in Alaska. Mr. Hermance has also taught accident reconstruction for the University of Florida Institute of Police Technology & Management as well as for the State of New York, United States Forest Service, and many other agencies and institutions. You may feel free to give Mr. Hermance a call at any time.

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'We have come a long way in accident reconstruction since I started out in this business over forty years ago. Back then, we had no email, no total stations, no 3D scanning, no word processors, no color copiers, no Vericom’s, no LCD Projectors-PowerPoint-Excel, no digital cameras, no CDR’s, no cell phones, no drones, and very limited PC capability. Files would come into office in large boxes. AUTOCAD was just becoming popular. Few police departments even had accident reconstruction units back then. A 150 photo film shot would routinely end up in making 5 or 6 sets of all 150 prints, packaging them, and mailing them out. The local photoshop store guy would tell me I ordered up more film processing and prints than the actual photographers.  The first digital photos were taken using a SONY MAVICA camera that took a 3.5 inch diskette that only stored 1.44MB.

The first useful videos were taken with a large camcorder separate from the VHS recorder you had to sling onto your shoulder. The fist PC I used was an Apple II.

The first crush & simulation programs I used were APPLECRASH and APPLETRAJ given to me by Bob Hess at University of Michigan  and written in  the BASIC computer language.' 

The following video highlights one of the first cases I actually used a simulation on: