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Emergency Vehicles

     Emergency Vehicle accidents often take place under trying circumstances when response times may be critical and weather conditions may be hazardous. Fire truck accidents involve unique issues in accident reconstruction as these vehicles run the full range in size and stability from pick-up trucks and SUV's, to large tank trucks, as well as hook & ladder rigs. Issues of emergency lighting, conspicuity, NFPA standards, total stopping distance, truck braking characteristics, large truck off-tracking, and driver qualifications are things that have to be scrutinized. Operation of police vehicles, fire vehicles, and ambulances under emergency conditions involve a different set of rules in terms of right of way, lighting requirements, audible requirements, and adherence to normal vehicle and traffic laws. Along with the routinely complicated kinematic and dynamic problems that need to be solved in these type of accidents, integration of emergency vehicle operation, driver qualification, driver training, agency procedure, fleet maintenance, and incident severity have to be incorporated into a multi-disciplinary causative analysis. It is also important to obtain and compare the jurisdictional laws on emergency vehicle operation with the agencies training and procedures.