Snowmobile & All Terrain Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

  •  In addition to the reconstruction of crashes involving automobiles, trucks, pedestrians, etc., Collision Research is extensively involved with the reconstruction of snowmobile and all terrain vehicle accidents. Collision Research has conducted several dynamic testing programs for manufacturers' associations involving safety, dynamic effects of traction products, and biomechanical considerations of snowmobile related injury mechanisms.
  • Trial Decision for Snowmobile Accident in Yellowstone Park
  • Traction Study Conducted for Snowmobile Traction Products Manufacturer's Association
  • Dick Hermance has designed the first and only course on the topic of snowmobile accident reconstruction. He has been retained to teach this course for the State Police and Forest Rangers in New York, New Hampshire, Michigan, South Dakota, as well as the United States Forest service in both northern California and Montana.
  • Mr. Hermance has written a textbook on snowmobile and ATV accident reconstruction for the Lawyers and Judges publishing company as well as article for the Accident Reconstruction Journal and Law & Order magazine. He is also a former member of the International Association of Snowmobile Administrators where he consulted and gave technical guidance in preparation of that agency's Snowmobile Trail Design Manual and well as the New York State Snowmobile Trail design manual. Collision Research has consulted with many states and provinces relative to snowmobile safety, trail design and safety, signage concerns, snowmobile injury biomechanics, and overall issues of snowmobile accident reconstruction.

  • Mr. Hermance has completed the Second Edition of Snowmobile and ATV Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, published by Lawyer's and Judges publishing company.

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