The analysis of a commercial vehicle accident, whether it be a box truck, tractor trailer, school bus, or train, requires a different approach than most firms can deliver. At Collision Research, we look at the following items:

  • Driver Training
  • Driver Behavior
  • Tractor Trailer Braking Efficiencies
  • Tractor Trailer Deceleration Factors
  • Tractor Trailer Acceleration Factors
  • Lane Change Maneuvers
  • Bobtail Tractor Trailer Accidents
  • Cargo Loading/Securing Issues
  • Commercial Vehicle Human Factors
  • Analysis of Driver Logs
  • Analysis of Satellite Positioning Logs
  • Tip-over / Roll-over
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspections, including brakes, tires, mechanical and electrical connections, air brakes, and all other issues of mechanical commercial vehicle inspection
  • Dynamics of Single, Double and Triple Trailer Rigs
  • Federal Motor Carrier Regulations
  • Behavior and Maintenance
  • Operation of Tanker TrucksĀ·
  • Tri-Axle Dump Truck Operation
  • Towing & Recovering Operations
  • Parcel Service and Delivery Vehicles
  • School Bus Operation and Safety
  • School Bus Driving Practices
  • School Bus Maintenance Practices
  • School Bus Acceleration Factors
  • General School Bus Operations
  • Train Stopping Distances
  • Train Acceleration Rates
  • Analysis of Railway Crossings.
  • Onboard Computer Downloads


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