The analysis of a commercial vehicle accident, whether it be a box truck, tractor trailer, school bus, or train, requires a different approach than most firms can deliver. At Collision Research, we look at the following items:

  • Driver Training
  • Driver Behavior
  • Tractor Trailer Braking Efficiencies
  • Tractor Trailer Deceleration Factors
  • Tractor Trailer Acceleration Factors
  • Lane Change Maneuvers
  • Bobtail Tractor Trailer Accidents
  • Cargo Loading/Securing Issues
  • Commercial Vehicle Human Factors
  • Analysis of Driver Logs
  • Analysis of Satellite Positioning Logs
  • Tip-over / Roll-over
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspections, including brakes, tires, mechanical and electrical connections, air brakes, and all other issues of mechanical commercial vehicle inspection
  • Dynamics of Single, Double and Triple Trailer Rigs
  • Federal Motor Carrier Regulations
  • Behavior and Maintenance
  • Operation of Tanker TrucksĀ·
  • Tri-Axle Dump Truck Operation
  • Towing & Recovering Operations
  • Parcel Service and Delivery Vehicles
  • School Bus Operation and Safety
  • School Bus Driving Practices
  • School Bus Maintenance Practices
  • School Bus Acceleration Factors
  • General School Bus Operations
  • Train Stopping Distances
  • Train Acceleration Rates
  • Analysis of Railway Crossings.
  • Onboard Computer Downloads

This was a reenactment video we did for a case where the oncoming driver claimed the tractor trailer rig was invisible for lack of side lighting along with claiming the truck headlights blinded him making the trailer invisible. We used the same truck, same driver, same sight distance and driver eye level, and same conditions of darkness.

Some Occupant Injury Analysis in a bus rollover accident.


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