Collision Research Ltd.

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Testing and Research

Collision Research also performs testing and analysis of vehicle dynamics. Our extensive experience and unique instrumentation capabilities will provide you with everything your company requires. We have been involved in the dynamic testing of all types of vehicles, from luxury automobiles through all terrain vehicles.

We perform acceleration and braking tests of passenger cars, motorcycles, trains, snowmobiles, ATV's Boats, and Commercial Vehicles utilizing state of the art accelerometers and friction testing equipment with resultant technical documentation.

We also do brake testing of anti-lock brakes as well as testing with various types of traction control and stability systems. We test braking systems on all types of commercial vehicles including tractor trailer doubles and triples, school buses, watercraft, farm equipment, bicycles, and racing cars. Lateral forces, "cornering g's", can be quantified if circumstances warrant.

We have also been involved with the testing of pedestrian throw distances and kinematics, bicycle throw distances and kinematics, as well as vaulting and tip-over characteristics of vehicles including SUV's and high CG vehicles.

Collision Research has conducted several dynamic testing programs for manufacturers' associations involving safety, dynamic effects of traction products, and biomechanical considerations of snowmobile related injury mechanisms.

Snowmobile testing at Collision Research involves various drag factor considerations on all types of different snow, ice, gravel, and paved surfaces with all different types and sizes of machines and track/ski setups. Our SESRA study was conducted for the Snowmobile Traction Products Industry and produced scientific data regarding the effectiveness of tractions products in the sport of snowmobiling. You can click below to read the study:

Snowmobile Traction Products Study (Hermance 1996).pdf