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This is part of the Crash Data Recorder Printout taken from the Jeep above.

Crash Data Retrieval

The images to the side are screen shots of the application. Click any of them to open another window at full size.

One capability we have that is extremely valuable in accident reconstruction is the ability to collect data directly from the vehicle's electronic control unit. This system will allow our experts to look at the values that the vehicle's computer was monitoring and recording immediately before the incident. This information is very beneficial to the investigation.

The data is collected using a computerized data acquisition system, a crash data recorder (CDR). We can do this on-site or at our office and garage. Once the cables have been correctly hooked up to the car's computer the CDR will download the pertinent information. This is stored temporarily in the CDR and transferred to the main computers at our office for analysis.

The specifications and parameters of the interface are supplied directly by the manufacturers and are repeatable and validated. If you or your clients are involved in an incident involving an appropriately equipped vehicle you can't afford to not use this service. This state of the art technology has revolutionized the field of accident reconstruction.

The data recorder below is from this Jeep. After a chip swap, the data was downloaded fur use.

This is what was left of the Crash Data Recorder from the Jeep shown above which had caught on fire in the accident.