Collision Research Ltd.

Trials, Depositons, and Meetings via:

  • ZOOM
  • WEB X

In addition to providing expert testimony in court along with specific case analysis, we also offer support to our clients in case preparation and trial. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing clients with lists of investigative assignments for personnel assigned the responsibility to investigate specific matters.
  • Assisting with the technical end of the discovery process.
  • Providing questions for depositions.
  • Evaluation of technical reports filed by other experts.
  • Preparation of trial exhibits ranging from simple CAD diagramming to full blown computer animation, photographic enlargement, aerial photography, and three dimensional modeling of accident sites, vehicles, and torso‚Äôs.
  • Digital scanning of file documentation, exhibits, medical records, medical graphics, and coordination of electronic court room presentations using state of the art presentation media.
  • Providing Vehicle Storage and Inspection Facilities.

Professional Drone Service using Licensed Pilots