Collision Research Ltd.

Pedestrian accidents can be very serious. Quite often, we include a bioechanical analysis of injury mechanisms and kinematics in reaching scientificly based conclusions with regard to a pedestrian accident. Some of the more comon issues we look at and tasks we undertake relative to pedestrian accidents are:

  • Pedestrian Conspicuity
  • Headlight Cone of Vision
  • Nightime vision
  • Retro / Retro-Reflective clothing and materials
  • Pedestrian clothing
  • Lighting Devices
  • Glare recovery time
  • Pedestrian signals
  • Pedestrian walking / running speeds
  • Forward Projection
  • Torso wrap down
  • Fender Vaults
  • Injury Kinematics
  • Pedestrian total throw distance
  • Pedestrian Vaulting distance
  • Vehicle impact damage
  • Pedestrrian Gait
  • Clothing rips / paint transfers